Braddock’s Road Seminar

The Mount Pleasant Area Historical Society has announced the details of their upcoming seminar on Braddock’s Road, part of their Speaker’s Series.  The seminar will commence at 2:00 p.m., and last about two hours, Saturday afternoon, March 24, 2012, at the Mount Pleasant Senior Citizens Center at Washington and Diamond streets.  No admission will be charged, but donations will be welcomed.

The focus of the seminar is the route taken in 1755, by British General Edward Braddock and his 1,400 regulars, accompanied by Colonel George Washington and the Virginia militia, with the intention of capturing Fort Duquesne.  The fort was considered to be an encroachment of British territory by the French Canadians, and was located at the confluence of two great rivers, today known as Point State Park in Pittsburgh.

Beginning the mission in Williamsburg, General Braddock’s men hacked their way through forests and mountains for several hundred miles, and reached a spot just south of the fort, where they were ambushed by a small force of French and Indians.  Braddock and half of his army were killed or wounded, and Washington was responsible for leading the survivors back to Virginia.

Questions remain about the exact route of Braddock’s Road, but locally, it passed through Mt. Pleasant Borough and Township, as well as East Huntingdon Township, and the Industrial Park.  Seminar panelists will include the former director of the Westmoreland County Historical Society, James Steeley; a nationally known historian and Virginian, Norman Baker; a Mount Pleasant native and artifact collector, Bill Hare; and another local historian and researcher, Bill Biller.  Local author and history enthusiast Cassandra Vivian will be moderating the discussion.

Seminar participants plan to have a table displaying some artifacts related to Braddock’s Road, and look forward to seeing a large audience.  Everyone is encouraged to bring along their own artifacts, and personal stories, to share and add to the discussion.  Refreshments will be served.

For more information, contact Cassandra Vivian by phone (724-542-4949) or email (

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