Broad Ford 2012 Spring

New photographs of the Overholt Distillery buildings are now available at Karen’s Branches.  These shots were taken with an Apple iPhone early in April 2012, and were made available for publication by the photographer, whose work became known to me by email, and who is unnamed by request.

The colors displayed in the pictures will remind us of the autumn colors during our group’s visit last fall, but include plenty of spring greens that were already overtaking the site.  The URLs of the new two-page feature, Broad Ford 2012 Spring, are posted here for your convenience, but you can also find them at Karen’s Branches via the left sidebar or the Table of Contents.

Somewhere among the weeds, vines and grass may be more rose bushes, which must be remnants of many gardens that once brightened up the grounds of the A. Overholt and Company Distillery.  The long branch I saved from a rose bush in front of the Distillery Building is still doing well.  After several months in a jar of water, many healthy roots developed, and then it survived transplanting into a large pot of organic soil.  Currently, it is showing a whole lot of new leaves, and my hopes are high that we will be seeing roses before too long.  Then we shall discover which variety of rose it is, and see what color they turn out to be.

It is my hope that other rose bushes and native wild flowers will be discovered and protected for future gardens at Broad Ford.

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Karen researches the history and genealogy of the Overholt Family of West Overton, PA, publishing her work online at The Overholt Family Tree ~~ Karen's Branches.
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