Broad Ford Rose Grows

Broad Ford Rose (1)

This is the sprig of a rose bush that I found at the Distillery Building last fall.  It is continuing to grow, now showing several strong shoots along its narrow length that are even longer today, just a couple days after I took pictures.  It has been in front of this southwest-facing window on a table in my kitchen, gaining strength from the long arc of each day’s afternoon sun at the back of my house.

On the table to the left, my Christmas cactus is keeping the sprig company, along with another house plant I am trying to save.  Outside and to the left, you can see the tops of my twin cherry trees that grew there without my bidding, but are really beautful, especially in the spring.

Broad Ford Rose (2)

I may not be an gardening expert, but I do grow attached to my plants.  I kept the rose sprig in a jar of water until a whole lot of roots developed, and then transplanted it into organic potting soil, just a few weeks ago.  Hoping it would survive, I prayed over it a lot, and sang songs suggesting it could spring forth in glorious growth, and then Boom!

Now I am looking forward to seeing rosebuds, anxious to learn what color they will turn out to be.  As it grows, I will keep everyone up to date with pictures.  As long as my son Matthew is home from college, I can use his camera!  Until we discover exactly what variety this rose is, I will be calling it Broad Ford Rose.

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