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Information regarding photographers and photography featuring Broad Ford and other relevant topics.

Broad Ford Rose Grows

This is the sprig of a rose bush that I found at the Distillery Building last fall.  It is continuing to grow, now showing several strong shoots along its narrow length that are even longer today, just a couple days after I took pictures.  … Continue reading

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Broad Ford 2012 Spring

New photographs of the Overholt Distillery buildings are now available at Karen’s Branches.  These shots were taken with an Apple iPhone early in April 2012, and were made available for publication by the photographer, whose work became known to me by email, and … Continue reading

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Suspension Bridges

During a recent search for Broad Ford references, I came across the photography of Suspensionstayed on Flickr. He has a great compendium of photos showing the details of suspension bridges found all over the world. Bridge #841 details the remains of the … Continue reading

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Trains & Trails Photography

The photographer whose photos of Broad Ford are featured on Karen’s Branches has again changed his moniker on Flickr.  He is now known as Trains & Trails, which pretty much identifies his main interests in photography.  His Broad Ford collection on Flickr is still the … Continue reading

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