Suspension Bridges

During a recent search for Broad Ford references, I came across the photography of Suspensionstayed on Flickr. He has a great compendium of photos showing the details of suspension bridges found all over the world. Bridge #841 details the remains of the Broad Ford Swinging Bridge. He has given me permission to use some of these photos on Karen’s Branches, but it will take some time to accomplish that, so I am posting his URL, for your convenience.

He also has photos of a pedestrian-bicycle suspension bridge built atop “existing railroad piers about 40 miles north of Broad Ford near Leechburg,” called Hyde Park Suspension Bridge — his Bridge #36.

Also, he helped build a suspension-type bridge just outside Baltimore, with towers that were constructed “on existing stone masonry piers that were once part of a railroad bridge carrying America’s first railroad.”  The photos of Bridge #539 show details of the actual construction.

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